Jaspreet – Portrait Shoot

Recently spent a fun day in North London creating some portrait images for this lovely young lady, Jaspreet. The shoot was a collaborative exercise with Geeta Basra Taheem of Geetanjli Hair & Make Up, Sam (S&A Studios) and I, and was run partly as a trial for a Luxury Make-Over Photo Shoot package currently being put together.

We started out in the studio with a simple two light setup – a key light with small softbox and second light we sometimes used as a hair light and sometimes to illuminate the background. After we had what we needed, we headed outside into the Spring sunshine for some location images. It took us a little while to get where we wanted to be, so by the time we started shooting, it had become a little overcast. Many of the images were taken with a gold reflector to add a little warmth and reflect light into Jaspreet’s eyes. Other shots were taken with off-camera flash and a Rogue FlashBender Softbox attached to the top of a monopod.

The longer we spent shooting, the more Jazzi started enjoying herself and having some fun. It’s a very different experience from working with the professional models I shot a couple of days before. People with no modelling experience usually have to be told how you would like them to stand. It’s difficult when you’re not used to it, but with a little gentle guidance it’s possible to arrange people in order to look their best.

At one point Sam got so excited about a particular shot that he walked backwards into an ornamental duck pond! Way to go, buddy! :)

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"Your first 10,000 photographs are your worst." - Henri Cartier-Bresson

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