Nish & Tish – Foxhills Country Club

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What better way to kick off the 2015 wedding photography season than on a gloriously sunny day at Foxhills Country Club in Surrey. Sam and I had already spent a really fun day on Nishan & Nitisha’s pre-wedding shoot at Durdle Door on the Suffolk coast in April, so I was delighted to be invited back to help Sam photograph their civil wedding and reception.

The manor at Foxhills is an elegant 19th century house set within 400 acres of countryside and the perfect backdrop to Nish & Tish’s celebrations. These guys were such fun to work for, always retaining a sense of humour despite the pressure of a very busy day. They’re also very kind, even booking Sam and I a room at their hotel so we had somewhere to chill out between events.

On arrival, we spent the usual time having a look around for some good places to shoot, grabbed a quick coffee and then went to meet our bride and groom. Tish looked gorgeous in her white dress and Nish was very smart in a blue suit and red cravat.

The civil ceremony took place in the library, followed by drinks on the lawn and lunch. Indian weddings are invariably colourful and the ladies’ saris looked particularly vibrant in the noon sunshine. I also really loved the archway of roses and bubbles created by Tish’s bridesmaids and family, through which N&T walked hand in hand.

After lunch, all the guests left Foxhills leaving Nish and Tish free for some couple shots. Sam and I took them down to the edge of the golf course lined with trees in an attempt to find a little covered shade – although we were all enjoying being in the sun, at that time of day it wasn’t good for photography.

The evening reception was held a twenty minute drive away at the Riverside Venue near Heathrow. Foxhills, although very beautiful, wouldn’t be able to accommodate the 400+ guests invited to the party. What a fun night! Nish & Tish had opted for modern, stylish table settings in midnight black that looked great under domed recesses in the ceiling containing many tiny LED lights that twinkled like stars.

N&T (looking stunning, again!) kicked off the evening with cutting the cake before everyone sat down for dinner and speeches. As is often the case, there was some pretty energetic dancing to follow and Sam and I took our lives into our hands by venturing into the eye of the storm with our cameras. When shooting a wedding, we usually plan to finish up around 10pm (all the main events are finished by then), but we were having so much fun at Nish & Tish’s, we were still there at midnight! Finally got back to the hotel for a well earned beer and stayed up chatting until 2am. Exhausting day, but with some great memories of a lovely couple.


Images captured for Samir Arun Photography

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