Nayrobi & Shailan – Salsa Party

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A few weeks ago, I had the pleasure of shooting an event to celebrate the forthcoming wedding of Nayrobi & Shailan as señors and señoritas converged on North London for an evening of delicious food, laughter and special entertainment with a Latin vibe.

Shai’s family have a reputation for planning great parties and had certainly pulled out all the stops to make Nayrobi (originally from NYC) feel very welcome. The theme for the evening was strictly salsa with everyone expected to at least have a little go. However, if you’re like me and unable to distinguish your paso doble from your mambo, you would have been delighted to discover that Nayrobi & Shailan’s party included the surprise appearance of a couple of professional salsa dance teachers! Fuelled by liberal helpings of a delicious veggie paella, everyone quickly got into the Latin spirit of things and were soon perfecting their moves during a very entertaining salsa ‘masterclass’.

[dt_quote background=”fancy”]“salsa” /ˈsalsə/🔉 (noun) – 1. a type of Latin American dance music incorporating elements of jazz and rock.[/dt_quote]

As you can clearly see from the top image, there is an amazing chemistry between Nayrobi & Shailan which results in the kind of genuine and natural interaction us photographers really love. When you adore each other as much as these two do, you can’t help but look great in every shot. 🙂

Wishing N&S good luck, hoping they have some amazing fun at their wedding next weekend and a long and happy marriage thereafter.


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